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Hotel Link officially becomes Premier Partner 2020

We are proud to announce that we formally become a Senior Partner of in 2020, which is the highest and highest value in the Affiliate Affiliate Program launched by this world-leading online booking platform.

The program aims to motivate connectivity service providers to be proactive in enhancing their features to add more benefits to their partner properties. As a result, they earn points in the Quality Assurance program, as well as a variety of useful products. There are three levels of "Standard", "Advanced" and "Premier" in this program. Depending on the number of points accumulated during the year, suppliers are classified in the appropriate order. Connection service providers who can offer the highest quality of connectivity, the best advanced systems and the widest range of products will receive the highest Premier Partner status.

Hotel Link Channel Manager постига резултата от 99,43% качество на връзката и силно се препоръчва в системата Extranet на По този начин ние можем да предложим по-широк спектър от предимства на нашите клиенти, които разполагат с разпределени стаи в

Details of supported features include:


  • View and update reservations and cancellations

Prices and availability

  • Set and update inventory in the room
  • Set and update restrictions
  • Set the maximum employment rate
  • Set a single occupancy rate

Room and tariff management

  • See all rooms and rates


  • Create promotions
  • Update and deactivate promotions
  • Check the effectiveness of the promotion


  • See the possibilities
  • Add options

The new partnership effect between Hotel Link and promises to provide more real estate opportunities using our services. Accommodation providers have more flexible set up and update features to attract more bookings.

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