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The right prices

Take a sensible approach and use Smart Rate to check for inconsistencies between rates across online distribution channels before pricing. Optimize sales by offering the best price to your competitors and having a pricing strategy to get a consistent rate across channels.

Let's start

Smart Rate not only helps you keep track of the prices offered by various online travel agencies, but also the room rates of your competitors. The algorithm will automatically calculate the best prices to win the market.

Smart Rate

An intelligent solution that lets you track and keep an eye on all the major online travel agencies, such as Agoda, and Expedia, and how they value your rooms. It then tells you how to avoid discrepancies in your prices and helps you come up with a pricing strategy to avoid discrepancies. Get direct bookings for your website with Smart Rate.

Smart competition

The name says it all. It's a smart algorithm that makes you a smarter competitor. The dashboard allows you to view your competitors' prices on the market in one place, and then offers a plan to optimize the prices for your accommodation. Stay informed of all your prices and improve your market positioning with just a few clicks.

Price strategy

Why use Smart Rate?

Don't let outdated pricing affect the decision of vacation seekers to book at your accommodation. Give them the best deal and fill your rooms with happy guests.

Download the guesswork and win with accuracy

The smart algorithm makes complex calculations for you. It's easy, simple and effective. 

Get real-time updates and strategize every minute

Prices can change daily or even hourly. Smart Rate allows you to be informed about how your OTAs (Online Travel Agency) and competitors are doing and to make price adjustments immediately.

Winning the Market with Small Fixes

When travelers compare different accommodations, sometimes a few dollars can make them hesitate about their decision. Prevent this from happening by simply eliminating the price difference. Direct bookings to your site are now more readily available than you think.

Connect your room rates with the whole world

Connect with the world. Manage your online distribution for your accommodation with our Channel Manager and stay up-to-date on how your online travel agencies can help you maximize your business exposure.

We will connect your accommodation facility with the world's leading booking sites, providing a reliable and secure way to manage your online distribution.


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