Control yours

daily tasks

A selection of modern reception solutions are available to help you organize your day to day operations. Reach your guests in countless ways.

The daily tasks are done correctly

Our Digital Reception Solution is designed for small to medium sized accommodations. This is a simple, inexpensive and very intuitive system that is seamlessly integrated with our reservation platform.

Available for your hotel

Great features and the best price on the market. Front Desk offers access to your daily tasks.

Serve guests efficiently

Daily tasks easily systematized turn into quality service for your guests, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty.

Effective internal operations

Maintain direct control over the daily operations of your hotel. All are systematically managed within the Front Desk.

Calendar with multiple views

The calendar allows reception staff to see what is happening at a glance. Several key features stand out as color-coded status, two-week or four-week views, access to guest booking details straight from the calendar, and occupancy data.

The main features

Easy to use interface

The Front Desk's intuitive interface is powerful, with easy-to-use tools and directions along the way, just follow the steps.

Room Tasks

Easily accommodate guests in a room at any time and make changes with download and release options and schedule.


Fast registration process

With all the guest information already in the system, check-in is easy and quick for all reception staff and guests.

Prices for daily employment

Your staff has easy access to see at a glance which premises are occupied, along with registrations and departures.

Booking payment status

Immediately review the balance and amount of each guest's portfolio to avoid confusion, missed payments or overpayments.

Management of internal extras

Add optional booking extras with fees and discounts to each booking, including transfers, food, tours and more. 

Create a room closure

Block the rooms in advance or at the time you notice or decide to perform maintenance or repairs.

Details of payments

Данните за плащанията на гостите се съхраняват безопасно зад допълнителна сигурност и се дава достъп само на част от персонала, когато е необходимо.

Reception | Front Desk

Modern, easy and really easy to manage

Housekeeping Management

Household tools allow you to manage the status of the room cleaning, as well as the exact status of cleaning by the team. With a color-coded interface, the housekeeping module helps you to visualize the status of all rooms and assign tasks to the cleaning team via SMS.

Emails before arrival and after departure

Our Front Desk system allows you to create and customize a template email before arrival to remind it of your reservation and email after departure to thank them for their stay and provide a feedback link.

Guest invoice

The system generates the final guest account on your accommodation form. A fully detailed invoice is prepared, including all additional costs and all prepayments made.

A complete set of reports

With one click, prepare arrival and departure reports, guest details, room occupancy, development, operations and more. Learn where your revenue comes from, which rooms are most popular, and other details that will help you improve your business.

Front Desk integrates seamlessly with our other solutions, such as the booking platform, Channel Manager and website, making it easy for you to manage the online presence of your accommodation and internal operations.

Global and local distribution

Connect with the world. Manage your online distribution for your accommodation with our Channel Manager and stay up-to-date on how your online travel agencies can help you maximize your business exposure.

We will connect your accommodation facility with the world's leading booking sites, providing a reliable and secure way to manage your online distribution.


 We have offices in more than 40+ countries, we are always 24/7 to our clients and we maintain loyalty and quality service!