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Reputation manager

Your online reputation is what people say about your hotel or accommodation when you're not there. This is your most powerful asset when it comes to business growth. Start tuning in what your guests say with Hotel Link's Reputation Manager.

Building an impeccable reputation

Identity and build your business on more than 40 online platforms worldwide. Get more knowledge and analysis of your hospitality. Position yourself strategically for maximum exposure and impact. Take control and manage your reputation.

Upgrade your business

How it works?

Reputation Manager is a dashboard that tracks, decrypts and replies to online reviews across more than 40 platforms. It gathers all your post-stay comments and ratings in one place. At the end of the day, all you have to do is take 20 minutes to see a summary report of all the important insights that has been created specifically for you.

Gathers online reviews from more than 40 platforms.

Analyzes reviews for deeper insights, from the composition of the trip to the reasons for staying.

She understands several languages, including English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and French.

Identifies and clarifies insights such as how well you value platforms.

Reviews are updated every 12 hours.

Identifies more than 450 common topics in comments to generate smart answers.

Creates detailed monthly reports to be saved as PDF records. 

Practice and compare up to 3 of your competitors.

Easy setup, ongoing maintenance

In addition to the above functionality, the Reputation Manager comes with something even more important - us. We will start with online demonstrations, train you to maximize system performance and provide you with ongoing support.

Our team is here for you.

Why a reputation manager?

Earning a great online reputation is not a matter of chance or luck - it is an online strategy. It is important to get all the practical skills and the latest tools. And Hotel Link's reputation manager is one of them. Contact us and start building and analyzing your business.

This is an easy and effective online reputation management system

Forget about checking every single OTAs source. We find more than 40 online viewing platforms in one place for your convenience and convenience.

You cover your bases

Not only online reviews, the reputation manager allows you to monitor your key competitors, monitor the quality of your hotel operations, and check the performances of your third-party vendors. All this helps you build a better marketing plan and manage your expectations.

We are always here to offer personal support

We have a team of experts to help you when you need it. Whether it's an online demo or troubleshooting. And the Reputation Manager also provides assistance in several languages.


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