Channel Manager

Global connections

Global distribution

Connect with the world. Manage your online distribution for your accommodation with our powerful channel manager and stay tuned to how your online travel agencies help you maximize your business exposure.

Your rooms are everywhere

The Channel Manager connects pricing, availability, downtime and more details to all key online channels. Updates to your data are automatically shared with all connected channels.

With a seamless connection, the accommodation is distributed through OTAs (Online Travel Agency) and GDS (Global distribution system). Our channel manager is one of the most modern bidirectional XML files (XML files that can easily be opened in Microsoft Word) services on the market.

Main advantages

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Saving time

Automate the spread of your rooms and stop time-consuming and unreliable manual updates.

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More visibility

Plug your property into all the important channels of online travel agencies to reach a wider audience.

rate-control (1)

Tariff management

Лесно коригирайте тарифите в движение, за да поддържате еднакви на тарифи във всичките си канали за продажби и предлагайте специални промоции.



All booking details are automatically downloaded from OTAs (Online Travel Agency) for more control.

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Instant updates

With the push of a few buttons, you can quickly and easily download all your bookings from the channel manager.


Reduce mistakes

Automated connectors and less room for human error in pricing and availability.

Easy price alignment and full control

Hotel Link makes it extremely easy for you to get tariff unification - the same rates for all your online distribution channels. It is also possible to adjust rates for individual OTAs (Online Travel Agency), which allows you to work with different rates for different providers.

We are always expanding our online network by connecting to more and more channels, both global and regional.

Global and Local Distribution

Connect with the world. Manage your online distribution for your accommodation with our Channel Manager and stay up-to-date on how your online travel agencies can help you maximize your business exposure.

We will connect your accommodation facility with the world's leading booking sites, providing a reliable and secure way to manage your online distribution.


 We have offices in more than 40+ countries, we are always 24/7 to our clients and we maintain loyalty and quality service!